Saturday, August 20, 2016

Dear Reader,

I have moved my website!  My new website is located at:
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Click the link above and check out the new site.  I would love to hear your feedback.  I am looking forward to an awesome 2016-2017 school year.  Thank you for visiting my sites.

Mrs. Buhner

Thursday, April 14, 2016

2016 Wax Museum Success

In true gabbiano spirit, the students of cottage 4 successfully implemented the 2016 Wax Museum With A Twist.  I presented the students with the problem-based learning opportunity at the beginning of the second quarter.  The main question we started with was what is censorship and why is it an issue. This led us to the creation of a learning issues board:

From the learning issues board, students mapped out the rest of the unit of study.  Each student was tasked with setting and monitoring goals for achievement.  Students chose to demonstrate learning through the implementation of a wax museum.  Students created research essays, multi-media messages, and advertising for the museum.

Look for student comments below, as they take turns relating their individual thoughts about the learning activity.  You are invited to comment as well.  What are your thoughts about the unit, museum, or your child's performance?

Saturday, February 27, 2016

These Students Are Really Cool!

This comment was received while we were in the midst of enjoying our latest STEAM design challenge day.  Mrs. Russell, Education Coordinator, TFC Recycling, joined us February 25th, to provide feedback to the students on their design projects.  I agree, Mrs. Russell, these students are cool.

Students engaged in a full morning both exploring technology and engineering tools as well as working on their projects.  I added a challenge to their original media messages.  Our big question remains, "In what ways can we promote sustainability through recycling here at John B Dey ES?" Over the course of the year students have created a viable media message regarding recycling.  My new challenge is, "Add a 3-dimensional aspect to your original media message that not only moves, but moves without human intervention."

I asked Mrs. Russell to join us in the hopes that she could share her expertise as an Education Coordinator whose job entails communicating with others about recycling.  Student teams took turns meeting with her to gain feedback on their projects.  We so appreciate her insights.  Afterward, students told me the feedback was very helpful.  I saw them return to their projects for revisions, with great motivation.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Sweet, Sweet Sounds of...Kindness

What color is your kindness?  We are so excited about collaborating with Visual Arts students from Old Donation on a mandala project.  Students are tasked with designing a mandala, with their ODC pen pal, that best symbolizes the construct of kindness.  To kick off this collaboration we have spent time discussing kindness.  What does kindness look and sound like?  Why engage in acts of kindness?  What are we hoping to have happen as a result of enacting random acts of kindness?

Once we received the pen pal letters from ODC, students began working on their responses.  We used Kidspiration to brainstorm the parts of the friendly letter as well as the contents.  Then students used the writing process to publish their letters.

We would love to hear your thoughts about kindness!  Please comment here.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Beyond the STEAM

We created something for our design challenge.  What now?

Students in Caselare 4 have been given the challenge to move from one solution to developing a package to further enhance their message.  Our overarching question continues to be:  In what ways might we make recycling a habit at Dey ES?  In December, students presented initial designs to Kathy Russell of TFC Recycling.  She gave feedback.  Now students have been challenged with using that feedback to further develop their package.

Below are examples of students refining their work, combining efforts, and adding new elements.  Note the use of LEGO WeDo construction kits, programming, the addition of a Dash robot, and the formation of new teams!  This class is leveling up!

Ryan helped the boys find LEGO WeDo construction plans.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Coffee, Tea & Sustainability: Gabbianos Share Their Media Messages

Today the hardworking and very creative students from Casolare 4 presented their hand-crafted media messages to their peers, Mr. Kimpan, Teacher, Mrs. Russell, TFC STEM Education Coordinator, and Mrs. Bianchi, JBD Principal.  The students were nervous but had prepared for many days and weeks.  Note the smiles and wonderful comments from their peers.

Where do we go from here?  Our STEAM Expo is in April and this is where the final products will be displayed.  Today students talked about ways to build on the momentum generated by these media messages by:  creating robotic devices to assist with recycling, developing a class produced public service announcement to show on Dey's morning news, and by adding elements such as augmented reality to their creations to help give their audience ideas for what to do with non-recyclable items! 

There are many, many learning standards packed into these STEAM design challenges.  However, I am sure the students are delightfully unaware of how much they have learned and will continue to learn over the course of this year!  Please do ask your expert on recycling about the 5Rs of recycling.  Please do comment here about ways your family contributes to the sustainability of natural resources.   

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

STEAM Project Posts

Jenna and I are creating the base for our STEAM project including a disco ball for the main character.  The topic of our project is to teach kids how to use the 5R's of recycling, in a fun way.  Our audience is the students at Dey.  Our purpose is to persuade people to start recycling more.  One thing we really enjoy about the design process is being able to create something like a cute character and use our imagination.  By Jenna and Corinne.

My partner and I chose to create a cartoon about how to re-use a broken item or something that is very old and turn it into a new item.  Our audience is kids and adults who are into recycling.  Our purpose is to show how to use re-use items.  Our favorite part of the design cycle is making the cartoon, especially piecing it together.  By Matt and Hamish

We are creating a project to inform JBD students and staff about the 5R's of recycling.  Our project includes a poster, a script, questions, pictures, and lights.  We chose to create a video and a poster because we think kids will be excited by the poster and video.  Our favorite part of the design process is creating products.  By Claire and Jordan

We chose to create a game called Recycle-Ball to teach younger kids how to recycle in a fun way.  The game is played by answering questions.  For every correct answer you get a shot.  Our favorite part of the design process is creating the backboard and writing the questions.  We would like to take this to a grade 3 class and try it with Mrs. Johnson's students!